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Dr. Jaskiel’s extensive training and skills allow him to provide not only the full array of standard dental procedures to his patients, but also additional services that his patients have found invaluable. Brickell Dentistry practices holistic dentistry, so it’s only fitting that we can offer expanded services that will help our patients experience more whole body wellness when undergoing a dental procedure. For the most professional and superb dentist Miami has to offer, make an appointment to see Dr. Jaskiel at Brickell Dentistry.


Is fear of pain or anxiety keeping you from obtaining optimum oral health? If so, don’t feel alone. Many people have had bad experiences in their past with dental treatments. As a result, they are reluctant to even go to a dentist for a cleaning, and some have completely neglected their hygiene for years. Dr. Jaskiel can prescribe the right type and amount of sedation to accomplish the goals of the treatment as well as help you relax so that the treatment can be done easily.

Patients enthusiastically praise Dr. Jaskiel for his adept administration of sedatives if they request it or he recommends it. The result is a patient who is able to obtain the needed dental treatment, experience no pain, and be relaxed or even sleep all the way through it.

Clenching Grinding / TMJ & JAW PAIN

Stress is one of the main reasons people clench and grind their teeth. Who among us can say they are completely stress free? (Good or Bad)  In fact I have noticed that good stress ie; getting married, buying a house, new boyfriend or girlfriend, new job, new baby, new car, renting an apartment, moving, are all exciting and great, but can be very stressful and we just didn’t realize it! I see more clenching with good stress than bad stress (you all know what those things are). So to sum up most of us wear or need to wear something to protect our teeth and jaw from clenching and grinding


Millions of people get poor quality sleep during the night and are exhausted during the day. Some people even think this is normal. Sleep apnea is a condition where the airway is blocked or reduced during sleep, causing a person to pause in their breathing throughout the night. It can occur many times an hour for several hours. Quite often, the sufferer isn’t aware this is happening, unless a bed partner wakes him or her up so it will stop.

If there are indications you may be suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Jaskiel will provide you with a home monitor to check your heart and breathing rates. If the results are positive for sleep apnea, he will treat it with an oral appliance that effectively keeps the airways open during sleep. You will finally be able to sleep quietly through the night and wake up energized in the morning.


In keeping with Dr. Jaskiel’s commitment to provide excellent, holistic dental services, a top priority is following established protocols for safely removing amalgam fillings for patients. Amalgam contains mercury, a very toxic substance for humans and the environment.

Dr. Jaskiel takes precise care when removing these fillings so that mercury vapor and particulates aren’t spread to the patient’s lungs and bloodstream, as well as protecting the staff and the office environment. Adhering to these procedures qualifies Dr. Jaskiel as a mercury-safe dentist. If you need your amalgam fillings removed and replaced with porcelain or resin fillings, Dr. Jaskiel is proud to provide this procedure.


Brickell dentistry can restore, repair, straighten and enhance teeth with a level of success unheard of only a few decades ago. RESTORE YOUR ENTIRE MOUTH TO COMPLETE HEALTH AND APPEARANCE

A full mouth reconstruction, sometimes known as full mouth restoration, is done when you have several non-optimum dental conditions. You may have a variety of broken or worn teeth, missing teeth, teeth that need inlays or onlays, crowns, bridges or dentures. At Brickell Dentistry, you can relax and be confident that we provide the best full mouth reconstruction Miami 33129 can offer.


Zirconia implants White Implants

Traditionally, dental implants are made of titanium metal. Usually, the titanium is combined with other metals to create a stronger alloy. Over the past 40 years, the shape and surface features of implants have evolved, but the titanium material has been a constant. Although overall the success with titanium implants is good, some patients are concerned about the presence of metal in their mouths. Studies have demonstrated that titanium implants often contain trace amounts of nickel, which about 5-10% of the population is allergic to. Additionally, some studies indicate that some people may be sensitive to the titanium itself!


We welcome the opportunity to help you understand the state of your oral health with a consultation with Miami dentist, Dr. Abraham Jaskiel. He will conduct a thorough examination and discuss the results with you, ensuring you understand all of your dental options.

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