Why do some people have more cavities then others?  It may be genetics, the type of bacteria in your mouth, but mostly it’s the food you eat.

I have noticed that people who drink cola, sports drinks, Lemon, Lime or  (even occasionally) have had significantly more decay in between their teeth then those who drink other drinks.  The acidity of the cola makes the progression of decay (cavities) go quicker (Bacteria like acid). Below is a chart of the PH (acidity) measurements of various drinks (the lower the number the more acidic).



Most soft drinks have a teaspoon of sugar per ounce.


Many Uses For Coke (even diet):

  1. Clean toilets from many difficult stains.
  2. Loosen rusted bolt, clean grease from engine dissolve bug spots from window.
  3. Dissolve a tooth or a T-bone steak in a matter of days.
  4. Remove rust spots from chrome (aluminum dipped in cola)
  5. Remove grease from clothes when added w/detergent
  6. Some state highway patrols carry two gallons of cola to remove blood from an accident scene.