Crown and bridge in Miami 33129

Why are we different? Dr Jaskiel uses the latest and most advanced dental Crowns and Bridges now available. There are different crowns for different circumstances. One type of crown is an All Zirconia virtually unbreakable crowns and bridges. Dr Jaskiel had been one of the first Dentists in the world to use this type of crown and is an expert with this material. These crowns need less than half the tooth reduction of any other porcelain crown, and it also 3x stronger than most crowns. The average porcelain fused to metal crown can withstand about 350mp compression strength, the all zirconia can withstand from 1000mp-1200mp of strength.


A crown is a cap over a tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth. It is often done to repair a cracked, broken, or largely decayed tooth. Crowns are also often considered cosmetic as they not only repair and restore teeth with a natural-looking cap, they can also be used to change the shape, length or color of a tooth. Crowns can also make the difference between having a tooth extracted and being able to keep it. It’s always better to keep a natural tooth whenever possible.

At Brickell Avenue Dentistry, Dr. Jaskiel utilizes his dental expertise and experience to create beautiful crowns that fit and last for years. Dr. Jaskiel brings his artistic touch to every dental procedure he does, resulting in beautiful and durable dental works of art that are at the same time very functional.


Sometimes a crown is recommended instead of a veneer to enhance a smile’s appearance. While veneers and crowns are both used to fix similar conditions, crowns may be a better choice in certain circumstances. Crowns can also assist in adjusting bite problems. A damaged tooth may be too impaired for a veneer to correct, in which case, a crown could be a great solution. Brickell Avenues Dentistry provides the highest quality dental crowns Miami 33129 can offer.

These are conditions that are commonly fixed with crowns:

  • Assist in correcting bite problems
  • Improve your whole smile
  • Keep a cracked tooth held together
  • Secure a bridge
  • Make short teeth look longer
  • Stop a weak tooth from breaking
  • Fortify a tooth that is extremely worn down
  • Provide a cover for discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Provide an aesthetic cover for a tooth that has a cavity too large for a filling
  • To place a cap on top of an implant

Bridge in Miami 33129

When you are missing one or more teeth, the gap can be eliminated with a bridge. This restoration looks just like your natural teeth and also serves to keep your teeth aligned correctly. Dr. Jaskiel in Miami can provide a dental bridge to both enhance your smile and maintain your oral health.

To remedy a missing tooth with a bridge, the two teeth flanking the gap are capped with crowns. A false tooth is attached between each crown, fulfilling the function of the previously missing tooth. The whole restoration is one piece and fixed permanently. The two crowned teeth on either side of the gap provide the anchor to hold the bridge in place.

If you already have crowns covering the teeth surrounding a gap, or they need crowns, a bridge may be a good option. The reason is because these teeth, in order for a crown to fit over them, must be shaved down. If those surrounding teeth are not crowned yet and are healthy, a better alternative may be a dental implant.

A gap left by a missing tooth is an invitation for trouble. Without a substitute tooth, the surrounding teeth will start to shift their position into the empty space. This will in turn affect your bite, open the door to gum disease, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems. Dr. Abraham Jaskiel provides one the best economical choices for a dental bridges in Miami 33129.