I wanted to share with you my philosophy on dental care, and how it has changed as I have received advanced training.

The best Dentist is one that is able to diagnose all your problems before they become large and costly. We know full well that finding the right dentist can be a challenge! You would like somebody highly trained and experienced, yet accessible and caring. Somebody who offers a wide range of services, and yet has completely mastered them all.

We’ve made it our mission to be the kind of dental practice you want and deserve. Our patients are treated like family, while benefiting of the finest, most innovative treatments and techniques.

At our office, we have State-of-the-art equipment, you can watch TV, take care of business on our courtesy waiting room wifi or Tablet, or simply relax in one of our soothing Massage chairs.

Why do you fear or dislike going to the Dentist?

At Brickell Avenue Dentistry we strive to not only treat you but help you overcome your fears and dislikes including;

  1. Pain
  2. Needles
  3. Time (we are open until 8PM)
  4. Worrying how the treatment will come out

Ways we keep you comfortable;

I take special pride in my Dentistry;

  1. use two different types of local anesthesia just to make my patient comfortable and eliminate the sting of the injection.
  2. Special vibration device I invented to lower injection sting
  3. Needless injections, for those afraid of needles available
  4. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available
  5. Snuggie blankets, cordless headphones, and over 100 cable channels to watch TV
  6. Taking our time giving personal attention
  7. Our Promise to only do treatment that we would do on our own Family!

I do not take HMO insurance so I can spend more time with my patients. I gain a lot of satisfaction getting to know my patients and understanding exactly what they desire.

Having the best experience you’ve ever had so you won’t be afraid to see a dentist again is my goal.

I love being a dentist and really care about all my patients. I am committed to help as many people as I can.

When you choose Dr. Jaskiel as your cosmetic dentist, you will quickly see the unique difference to his approach with patients and to the science of dentistry. There is a reason he is considered by many as the best dentist Miami has to offer.

The Jaskiel technique is a series of steps to bring about a superlative cosmetic dental result, but it is also an attitude and an unmatched professional approach to each one of those steps that makes the resulting treatment truly exceptional.

Whether you have received dental treatment before or are looking to resolve a dental situation for the first time, you should understand the unique elements Dr. Jaskiel brings to your treatment. After helping countless patients and refining almost 2 decades of work, art and science in the field of dentistry, Dr. Jaskiel formulated “The Jaskiel technique,”. Its not a dental treatment – it is a dental experience that is unparalleled in result.


You will meet Dr. Jaskiel for the first time and he will begin the first step of The Jaskiel technique. This is not just a detailed consultation, it includes educational information for you to consider tailored to your unique dental circumstance.

In addition to carefully examining your teeth, Dr. Jaskiel will examine the anatomy of your face, mouth and lips and their relationship to your teeth. All factors will be taken into consideration when crafting your treatment plan. You will see how Dr. Jaskiel’s unique skill and master of physical anatomy will come into play when detailing the correct series of actions to get the result you are looking for.





Using all elements from the detailed analysis in your consultation, you will be provided with a treatment plan. It will be explained to you in detail and any questions will be fully answered. You will then begin the plan.

One unique factor to The Jaskiel technique that may be included in your treatment plan is a recommendation for certain cosmetic injectables to help augment the final result. If needed, these services will be administered at the correct time during your treatment directly by Dr. Jaskiel. Though not commonly considered a service received during dental treatment, that sentiment is changing rapidly when patients consider the level of knowledge about the face and mouth structure Dr. Jaskiel has compared to the legion of newly trained or less experienced professionals who typically administer them.

The Jaskiel technique is the defining reason so many other dentists and patients consider Dr. Jaskiel the best dentist Miami has among its many dental professionals. You deserve a professional that makes sure every portion of your treatment is just right and the result is exceptional.