Everyone knows how important it is to maintain oral health. The skilled hygienists at Brickell Avenue Dentistry Miami routinely perform pain-free and relaxing cleanings. We know our patients want professionally cleaned teeth without the anticipation of pain or anxiety, and we are proud that we can provide it.
In addition to professional-level cleanings, Dr. Jaskiel will also check your mouth for any signs of trouble. Symptoms of possible problems could be bad breath, canker sores, dry mouth, tooth decay, jaw problems and others. The sooner problems are detected, the faster and easier it is to handle them.
Our patients have busy lives, and we strive to provide a fast but thorough and gentle cleaning procedure when you are here. Rest assured that you will not have a long wait or slow service.
Of course, it is important that you practice regular and proper home maintenance of your oral health with brushing and flossing. Even so, this will not fully eliminate the buildup of plaque and tartar. This is why professional cleanings are necessary every few months. We also make sure our patients receive instruction on how to do oral maintenance at home to get the most benefit. Our friendly and gentle hygienists can show patients, especially young children, how to correctly perform good oral health practices at home.


The task of professional teeth cleaning is a significant part of an overall dental health routine. At our office in Miami, we understand the time constraints most people are under; once you arrive, you will be taken in to one of our rooms. If there is anything that needs immediate attention, this will be discussed with you while you are at the office. Cleaning begins by using a topical anesthesia for your comfort. Than an ultrasonic tool which emits mild vibrations to loosen tartar. Most people find this part of the procedure painless however the tool can be adjusted to ensure patient comfort. Next each tooth is scaled using a handheld instrument to remove tartar that the ultrasonic tool left behind. Once the cleaning is completed, the teeth are polished using a slow speed device much like a toothbrush. There is a rubber cup on the end which is filled with a slightly abrasive paste. This leaves teeth very smooth and bright. This also leaves a surface that is difficult for plaque to stick to.


Gum disease, if allowed to take hold, can be devastating to your teeth, gums, and bone, so it’s very important to diligently take measures to prevent it. Your at-home regimen of brushing and flossing, plus regular cleanings at Brickell Dentistry will go a long way toward keeping your gums healthy.


If plaque and tartar are able to build up, however, bacteria starts to grow at and below the gum line. As it progresses, infection from the bacteria can attack the soft tissues, bone and tooth root. Left unhandled, the result can be red, swollen, bleeding, and painful gums that begin to recede from the tooth. Bone in the jaw begins to break down, and teeth become loose and can even fall out. Moreover, gum disease can spell trouble for other parts of the body and is associated with heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions.
Our skilled hygienists will always check for any signs of gum disease, and if any is found, Dr. Jaskiel will go over the findings with you. Most commonly, gum disease can be thwarted with scaling and root planing. This procedure, often called deep cleaning, involves scraping the hard tartar that has accumulated above and below the gum line, and smoothing the tooth root (planing) so that bacteria can’t hide.
You can have the beginning stages of gum disease (gingivitis) without symptoms, but if you do have symptoms, contact us as soon as possible. The earlier the infection is caught and handled, the easier and less time consuming it is. You can contact us any time of day or night if urgent dental care is needed.

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