Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Jaskiel is a strong advocate for holistic dentistry. This is dentistry that favors minimally invasive procedures whenever possible and using materials that are biocompatible with the rest of the body. Recent advancements in dental techniques and materials used have opened up greater possibilities of patients receiving oral treatments that are not toxic to their bodies and that don’t cause undue emotional or mental distress. To obtain the benefits of one of the #1 top Brickell Avenue Miami holistic dentist, Brickell Avenue Cosmetic & Holistic Dentistry is your best choice.


Holistic dentistry focuses on the whole body when treating dental issues rather than simply filling a cavity or seating a crown. Traditional dentistry is similar to traditional medicine; it focuses on treating the teeth without looking deeper into underlying issues that may be causing cavities, excessive plaque build-up or alignment problems. As a premier holistic dentist Miami residents can be confident that biocompatibility is of prime concern to Dr. Jaskiel when planning a course of treatment. In this way future health problems can be avoided while providing top tier restorations and other oral care.

A holistic dental philosophy is one that takes into consideration a patient’s surroundings as well as the dental treatment itself. Miami dentist Dr. Jaskiel is aware of how a calm, nurturing environment enhances a patient’s experience in the chair. Whenever possible, he uses conservative and alternative procedures in conjunction with high tech equipment to achieve the goals of the procedure. Our entire team is conscious of how dental procedures can affect other parts of the body and strive to make those influences positive, rather than negative.

Dr. Jaskiel uses his knowledge of how one’s oral health affects the body in general to provide treatments that assist in one’s overall health. For example, his protocols for safe mercury removal when removing amalgam fillings: it is not enough to only place porcelain or composite fillings instead of amalgam fillings, Dr. Jaskiel goes the whole nine yards by following strict protocols for removing amalgam fillings as well. These procedures not only protect patients from the toxic fumes from mercury,

Dental Excellence begins with holistic materials and methods

  1. Use of digital x-rays: 90% less radiation
  2. Mercury-free dentistry All Porcelain crowns, fillings and onlays
  3. Safe mercury removal: / Special suctions/ Oxygen / etc..
  4. BPA-free dentistry: Our dental Composites and sealants are free of BPA
  5. Gum Treatment, Inflammation & Toxin removal
  6. Oral cancer screening with visilite & Brush Biopsy (special rinse and light to see precancerous cells, and/or special brush biopsy to send to lab for evaluation)
  7. Understanding the source of your problems not just treating them
  8. Clifford testing: Requires blood testing. Individualized testing for dental materials biocompatibility and your body.