When faced with a decision on whether to specifically seek a holistic dentist or not it is important to first assess why this might be important to you. Technically all dentists must be accredited and licensed by their state licensing body so there is no official difference between holistic and traditional dentistry. The main difference is philosophical based on what the dentist focuses on when planning treatment. As a leading holistic dentist, Dr. Abraham Jaskiel treats discerning patients from Around the world including Miami, Ft Lauderdale, to West palm beach and the surrounding area who only want bio-friendly dental care for their family.


A holistic dentist treats not only the obvious dental issues such as cavities or gum disease, but looks beyond what is being treated. Diet, lifestyle, possibly genetic conditions are taken into account when treating patients so that the underlying cause can be discovered and treated. The prevention of future problems is as much a part of treatment as repairing the immediate problem. The core of holistic treatment is to treat the entire patient by ensuring the methods and materials used are compatible to good general health.


Holistic dentistry starts with the idea that all body systems are connected and that wellness starts with the mouth. Educating patients is an important part of the holistic dental model. Teaching patients how to properly care for their teeth. Scheduling visits is the foundation to good dental health which then supports general health. Gum disease is directly linked to conditions such as stroke, low birth weight and complications of diabetes according to the American Academy of Periodontology.

Dr. Jaskiel spends a considerable amount of time with each patient, explaining the procedures and the intended results. He finds the patients are then much more relaxed and confident about the treatment and the result. Taking care of stress related issues is part of holistic treatment since stress plays a major role in many aspects of life.


A holistic dentist is concerned with more than mercury fillings although this is an important factor to consider. Many patients are now having their mercury fillings replaced with safer resin or porcelain materials. Dr. Jaskiel meticulously follows proven guidelines when removing mercury fillings which ensures that mercury does not leak into the system during the process.


Dr. Jaskiel only uses digital X-ray equipment in his practice for two important reasons. Digital X-rays significantly reduce radiation exposure both for patients and for his staff. The images are much clearer which makes it less likely a patient will need to have the images redone. Secondly, the use of digital X-ray equipment eliminates the necessity of disposing of the toxic lead films and development chemicals created when traditional film X-ray equipment is used.

According to the Eco Dentistry Association, it is estimated that dental offices dispose of 48 million lead foils each year. Dr. Jaskiel is a strong advocate of running an eco friendly holistic office that has a positive impact on the environment.


Most holistic dentists are not opposed to using fluoride topical treatments on patients after they have had their teeth cleaned. It isn’t usually recommended as a preventative in the form of daily drops or as an additive in the general water supply. Fluoride has traditionally been used as a cavity preventative in most pediatric dental practices.


As a top tier holistic dentist, Dr. Jaskiel can perform these complex procedures in a biocompatible manner, allowing patients to have full function of their teeth. Being able to properly chew food is one of the most basic functions for good health. As a top tier holistic dentist he strives to help patients maintain or regain their ability to eat healthy foods without pain.

Patients seeking a holistic dentist near Miami Brickell Avenue or the surrounding area are welcome to visit with Dr. Jaskiel to discuss their concerns about biocompatible and holistic dentistry. He is always happy to share his views on providing care that aligns with the philosophy of treating the whole body, not just the mouth.