As a holistic dentist, Dr. Jaskiel and his entire staff are very interested in seeing that your dental treatment is done toward your whole body health. This means performing dental treatments that are as non-invasive, painless, and non-toxic as possible. A patient in pain will begin to avoid needed treatments, resulting in worsening oral health. Toxic elements can have a bad effect on other parts of the body, causing adverse reactions and conditions.

Dr. Jaskiel is a believer in non-amalgam fillings as part of his holistic philosophy and practice. As a mercury-free dentist, he only uses Non BPA porcelain or resin materials for fillings, which are an excellent alternative to amalgam. In addition, he’s also a mercury-safe dentist, meaning he follows exact guidelines for removing amalgam fillings so there is no or minimal mercury leakage as an option. Not all dentists do. You need to see Dr. Jaskiel for the most thorough and among the best safe mercury removal Miami has to offer.

Why is mercury bad?

Amalgam fillings, those silver-colored metal restorations that dentists have used for many years, contain mercury. There is evidence that points to the association between mercury exposure and several physical maladies. An amalgam filling will release mercury vapor every time pressure is applied to one, as in chewing. The vapor invades the bloodstream and is thought to cause or accelerate inflammation that is occurring in the bodies of some patients. Mercury has been associated with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Amalgan tatoo and a lowered immune system, among others.

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Removing Amalgam Fillings Safely

It’s not enough to just remove amalgam fillings. To be considered a mercury-safe dentist, Dr. Jaskiel goes the extra nine yards by following strict protocols when removing these mercury-containing fillings. Just removing them will cause mercury vapor to be released, which is toxic to the patient, the doctor, the staff, and the environment. By following strict protocols, Dr. Chow will ensure that his procedures result in safe mercury removal. Brickell Avenue Dentistry is the endpoint of your search for Model Dentistry and Dr. Jaskiel, can provide this non-toxic procedure.

Removing an amalgam filling can be done by cutting the filling and dislodging it, or it can be ground away with a drill. Of course, either of these procedures will release mercury vapors. Dr. Jaskiel is very careful to evacuate the particulates and vapor with a special high volume evacuator so they don’t get into the throat or saliva.. There are also other tools he can use to further isolate the tiny particles of amalgam and harmful vapor in order to dispose of them properly.

In the interest of delivering the best safe mercury removal Miami has available, Dr. Jaskiel takes all the necessary precautions to be sure you aren’t further exposed to mercury vapor during the removal process

Safe Mercury Removal by a Holistic Dentist

We feel that you deserve the best health possible. We also know that dental health is integral to the health of the whole body. For example, gum disease, if not turned around, can lead to other problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. Making sure your teeth and gums are healthy will have a positive effect on overall health. Dr. Jaskiel’s thorough and meticulous skills, along with his calm and caring demeanor, mean you are in excellent hands.

If you are interested in replacing your amalgam fillings, let Dr. Jaskiel and his professional and caring staff help you with safe mercury removal Miami. Brickell Avenue Dentistry and Model Dentistry is where you will find Dr. Jaskiel and his experienced staff. They are the right choice for exceptional dental care.

Lyme Disease Metal Removal

We use special suctions, oxygen and techniques to remove the metals for Lyme Disease patients. There are benifits of removing all potentialy toxic Murcury and metals from your mouth especially for those with Lyme Disease.

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