We are always looking for new cutting edge innovative products or techniques to help our patients. ” I was traumatized when I was younger at my Dentist, and I’m always looking to find new ways to make my patients comfortable during treatment. Especially for children because that experience stays tith them for life” Dr Jaskiel explains.

Vibrating Device for Injection

In 1998-2000 I invented a device a device that vibrates while I give an injection. It lowers the pain, distributes the anesthetic to the area quicker, and distracts te patient from the entire process of injecting with a needle. In 2000 I conducted a small study with patients. I am still using that device today to help my patients get over their fear of the injection because it is still necessary for many areas of the mouth. I am waiting for the day that I can do any procedure without giving a single injection.


INJEX is a needle free injector that delivers a fine stream of medication subcutaneously (under the skin) without using a needle.

It’s a great relief to Hannah Shapiro who was dreading a recent visit to the dentist. “Nobody likes people poking around in their mouth to my knowledge,” said Hannah.

The new needle free injector device is a welcome change for Hannah after she’s had 15 cavities filled in her lifetime.

“I think it’s fabulous,” she said.

The device is called Injex. It doesn’t use a needle; instead it just uses pressure to get the anesthesia inside your gums.injex

“It actually goes through the tissue,” explained Dr. Abraham Jaskiel.

Dr. Jaskeil is one of the only dentists in South Florida to use the new device.

“Anyone who has a phobia of a needle is having a great response to it,” he said.

Right now the shot is not covered on insurance.  Dr. Jaskiel said he’s not charging his patients extra right now but in the future there may be a nominal fee.

For patients like Hannah, it’s worth a little extra to not have to endure that dreaded needle.

“I think it’s really incredible how it didn’t hurt at all,” she said.

Dr. Jaskiel said the device is good for pretty much any procedure except some involving the lower jaw because the bone is so dense and procedures that are very, very, long.


NEW! Needle Free Spray Anesthesia KOVANAZE Coming Mid November 2016 to our Office

We have a New needle free Anesthesia for upper front teeth (usually the most painful place to receive a dental injection). It does not require any Injection or pain at all. Call Us for more information 305-653-2231

Dr Jaskiel Needle Free Anesthesia

    Dr Jaskiel Nasal Spray Dental Anesthesia

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — The biggest fear for most people at the dentist is the dreaded needle but there is a way to get a shot of anesthesia without a needle.