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I recently completed a lot of dental work at Brickell Avenue Dentistry and am very happy with the results. Dr Jaskiel really listens and educates the patient, he is very honest and is meticulous in the quality and aesthetics of his work. I have a lot of dental anxiety and Dr Jaskiel has been the only dentist who was happy to thoroughly discuss my concerns about dental materials and procedures. He and his entire office really respect the patient and want them to be fully informed so they understand and are comfortable regarding their treatment plan for their teeth.

When I first came to see Dr Jaskiel I had vulnerable teeth because of previous dentists putting in very large fillings plus grinding. He put crowns on these vulnerable teeth to protect them so they wouldn’t continue to crack and later have to be pulled out. His focus is on the longevity and health of the tooth. The crowns look amazing. You can not tell the crowns aren’t my real teeth. They look completely natural (and my teeth are actually very hard to match). He really went the extra mile with the labs to get them so perfect. Really important to me is the fact that Dr Jaskiel works very closely with his labs to ensure not only the best aesthetic results, but also high quality, safe dental restoration materials.

The office manager, Rena, and the staff are super nice and helpful as well. The office is very organized and efficient yet Dr. Jaskiel spends much more time with each patient than other dental offices.
I’ve been to many different dentists and you really get a much more personalized, high quality service with Dr Jaskiel yet his rates are still very reasonable and competitive. He really deserves more than 5 stars…

Lisa Elisabeth
Dr. Abraham Jaskiel is an exceptionally rare find when it comes dentists. He is truly passionate about all things dentistry and genuinely cares about every person that walks through his doorway. He has a peaceful and warm nature that is contagious and will calm any of your nerves when you’re sitting in his chair. He is excellent at reading each of his patients of all ages and will wait and chat an extra few minutes if he senses you are nervous about that shot. And always check the box in his questionnaire for a longer and more informed visit because this gentleman is filled with so much knowledge and loves to educate people about keeping a healthy mouth and general overall health. He is a perfectionist about every detail even down to a temporary crown that will be thrown away in a week! ? And he is not satisfied until he hears the words “100%” or “perfect”. I love that one of his main missions is always being honest and I can trust EVERYTHING is always in great hands! He is always adding and improving his office with the newest and cutting edge equipment and gadgets to provide the best services and comfort. It’s no wonder why he was awarded America’s #1 Dentist 2017 + 2018! Thee biggest thank you to this gentleman and his lovely wife and delightful staff that is behind my healthy smile. And thank you for all the laughs and making your office such a fun and entertaining place to be!
Callie Van Werven Miller


Dr. Jaskiel and his staff are absolutely amazing. They make you feel like you’re apart of the family as soon as you step foot inside the door. Dr. Jaskiel is extremely knowledgeable about his craft. I trust him 100% in making sure I have the most attractive smile possible! I’ve been to many consultations for Invisalign but he is the ONLY doctor I felt genuinely wanted to help with correcting my smile. I can definitely see why models and celebrities trust him with their million dollar smiles!!

Erin Hardaway

Front Management Model Agency

Erin Hardaway

After visiting several dentists in the Miami area, I finally feel totally comfortable in choosing Brickell Avenue Dentistry for my smile needs. I have some dental problems (crowns and potential root canals) that I have been putting off due to fear and anxiety, and as well as cosmetic issues I have been looking to address for quite some time. I am so happy and relieved that I found Dr. Jaskiel. His staff puts you at ease the moment you walk in the door, and the office is very cozy and soothing. Dr. Jaskiel spent several hours with me during my consultation, explained everything patiently and answered all of my questions and addressed my fears and concerns He is extremely calm and confident, and addresses every detail in a meticulous way. He gave me different treatment options in a very honest way. Also Dr. Jaskiel sees fewer patients at a time so he can give you his full attention. It frustrates me when dental offices have 4-5 patients in chairs at once, and the dentists runs ba



I had a dental emergency while on vacation in Miami (Christmas) and Dr. JAskiel and the Brickell Avenue Dentistry team not only took care of it promptly and kindly but also with excellent service, knowledge and professionalism. I wish there was a dentist as excellent in Montreal.


Anonymous left the following 5 star review

Dr. Jaskiel and the whole team are beyond amazinggg! I had a wonderful dentist in Charlotte, NC and struggled finding one as wonderful here. I met Jaskiel at a charity event and couldn’t be happier for this coincidence. I’ve since gotten a number of cavities taken care of with zero anesthesia and amazing results. He also makes sure to always do what is in your holistic, best interest, not just what is best for his pockets like a lot of dentists!! I always recommend him with 100% confidence. They also have amazing massage chairs in the lobby and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and happy!
Mela T

Mela T
Dr. Jaskiel is the best dentist I’ve ever had. I had new veneers put in and they turned out perfect. He always does his best to get you an appointment as quickly as possible and has great attention to detail. I would high recommend him to anyone!
Page Watkins
Dr. Jaskiel is as much an artist as he is an amazing dentist. Exceptionally beautiful work!!! The staff is warm and friendly and make patients feel like a member of the family. So thrilled I found such a wonderful dentist in my neighborhood!
Eniko DeLisle
Dr Jaskiel was my dentist in my time in Miami (approx 3 years).
He was very professional and helped me with some issues.
He is one of the best of his profession and always did “the extra mile”.
Also with his camera system, he lets you see his work, which is comforting and assuring.
Dieter Weinmann
great doctor, friendly and professional staff. I went in twice to have three of my wisdom teeth removed and had a phenomenal experience. Very little swelling and almost no pain. He took his time pulling them out. Overall great experience.
Patricia Brea

I could not have felt more comfortable than i did yesterday for my first visit. The staff and Dr. Jaskiel went above and beyond to give detailed explanations for everything we discussed. I had the opportunity to ask all questions and was not rushed. I have already recommended Dr. Jaskiel to my family members.   Christina F

Christina F

Great staff, clean office, great location, can’t complain. By far the best up front dentist whose honest intentions is to provide great quality service, while improving your oral health. I am highly satisfied, and would highly recommend this dental office to anyone who is seeking oral health care.

Mr. M.  Aug 18, 2017

Mr M

Never had such a thorough explanation of dental health in my life. I understand why the procedures need to be done and what the hoped-for results would look life. SUPER staff from phone to text reminders to handling insurance. Would highly recommend this small office that makes you feel valued and helps you get your best teeth!

Aug 20, 2017


Dr.Abraham JASKIEL, is my Dentist for life. He is the expert in Dentistry. My first visit was the best cleaning without stress to my gums ever. I will continue my dental work needed and Keep everyone updated on the work Completed, ***** 5 STARS, EARLENE LUTES BROWNEarlene L


The service is great and I love how they explain every detail of your diagnosis and what they are going to do. Will definitely recommend it

Maria F G

Maria F G

I feel so happy to be in Dr. Jaskiel’s hands. He and his team are very professional and responsible, I always feel confident because I have clear information regarding all the procedures (why, how) previous and post. I love that they care about the patient, they indulge me doing more enjoyable go the dentist. I feel motivated to follow the procedure and be more responsible with my teeth. I read the manual that I received regarding my procedure (medicine applied) the cares, the do’s and don’t. In addition, today, I woke up like usual, the discomfort disappeared during the night I have not problems with my teeth. Lucky I had a good recovery. The staff is nice and kind. The environment is clean. I feel very comfortable. Thanks for everything.



My whole family and I have been coming to Dr. Jaskiel for years. He is extremely knowledgeable, meticulous, and always ensures that his patients are well taken care of. The staff is also very friendly. Even with last-minute schedule changes, they have always been accommodating. Not to mention, Dr. Jaskiel never fails to make me laugh.    Ella Wahlestedt

Ella Wahlestedt

This doctor and his staff are amazing. Great customer service in the front. He never rushes his work. They do everything no to cause any pain. I actually feel like I went to the Spa every time I have a dentist appointment. You get a nice blanket, headphones, and cable tv during your visit. Oh and best of all he never makes you wait.

Maria C

I went in for a simple checkup, thinking I had a small cavity. I also wanted him to look at a calcium deposit on my front tooth. Turns out it was much more than I expected. He spent almost an hour explaining to me everything, from brushing habits to levels of cavities and how I could prevent them. With his expertise, he was able to point out a few cavities, and thankfully because they would have turned into root canals. The procedures went well, and I couldn’t feel anything! I was extremely pleased with Dr. Jaskel and his staff. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Dr. Jaskiel & staff are amazing!!!! Brilliant & so knowlagable with the best & latest techniques. Extremely accommodating to his patience, even with my crazy schedule. I love that his office stayes open later so I can go after work. His work is beautiful & painless , & he has a very artistic eye which is so important .The best dentist in Fla! I drive from North Broward to Go there because he is worth it! I use to fear going to the dentist , now it’s wonderful!!!!!! I highly highly recommend!!!!!  L C
L.C. North Broward, FL

Dr Jaskiel is an excellent dentist. I have been going to him for about 8 years and I have even flown down from DC to do root canals and other procedures with him. He is very thorough, meticulous, experienced and has always done an excellent job on my teeth. I would highly recommend him.

Liz B

Liz B
I am so happy that I found Dr. Jaskiel and his team. I was in search of a great dentist to help me with my gum sensitivity and from the moment I met Dr. Jaskiel I knew I was in good hands. He is calming and makes you feel relaxed and extremely knowledgeable. I have learned more about my teeth and proper dental care in my three visits with him, then I have in all of my previous 30 + years of going to other dentists. I would recommend him for anything, from regulare check ups and cleanings to more serious issues and even invisalign. I have never had a more enjoyable (yes, going to the dentist can be enjoyable) experience with a dentist. Thank you to Dr. Jaskiel, Rena and everyone at Brickell Ave Dentistry…you are all the best!    Jill Stewart
Jill Stewart
Dr. Jaskiel and his staff are always sensitive to my schedule, needs, insurance coverage and dental issues. They provide a clean and comfortable office space and extremely thorough dental care. They always go the extra mile to explain technical issues and use new top quality dental equipment. On top of that they are good people and treat me like family!   Christopher Smuts
Christopher Smuts
Great Dentist and staff!!! I have been going to Jaskiel for over 4 years now, and I did not come to his office with a very good dental record. I had to have a lot of work done, and we discussed each step so I was very understanding of all my options. All the work done turned out great. I was finally feeling good about my teeth and overall dental health, when I tripped and fell face first cracking my four front teeth on the top of my mouth. I really wasn’t sure what would be salvageable. After the first visit, I was able to go back to work without being embarrassed, and when all the work was complete, it was better than before the accident. Just a great overall dentist, not a better one in Miami.  Chris D.
Chris D.
Just Excellent! I have been visiting Dr. Jaskiel for more than 4 years now, and I am a happy patient since then :). Dr. Jaskiel and his team took personal care of my smile since day one, not only to make it healthier but prettier as well. Thanks for everything, you guys are great!  Javi Gonzalez
Javi Gonzalez

My whole family has been going to this dentist for over 5+ years and we trust him with our eyes closed. Him and his staff always provide the highest level of care and would not change dentist for anything in the world!!! They have great and flexible schedule as they are open till late. I am extremely pleased with the care they have been providing us over the years. Their service is always exceptional and will definitely recommend this office to anyone seeking a good dentist; by far he is the best!! I love how professional Mr. Jaskiel is as well as the patience that he has explaining everything; wonderful staff and EXCELLENT doctor!!

Luli Huerta

Luli Huerta
I went to several dentists in order to get Invisalign and they all said that my case was to complex for Invisalign. Dr Jaskiel was the only dentist that really took the time to analyze my case and now I’m wearing Invisalign. I’m a happy patient on my way to have a great smile.
Willy Gamez
Great service, very friendly staff. Take a lot of care to detail and very flexible with times for appointments.
Rodrigo Covian
I had a wisdom tooth removed. No drilling, no pain the next day. A little soreness but no pain. I had heard horror stories from my friends. But had a completely different experience myself. This guy is the real deal.
Bryan Swindoll
This a top of the line family practice. I have been a patient for years and Dr Jaskiel is always welcoming, hard-working, detailed oriented, reasonable. He cares for his patient’s health not the bottom line. The office is managed with attention to details and is totally patient oriented. You NEVER wait. I could not recommend it more strongly
Francois Nehama

Dr. Jaskiel is a very educated, personable dentist!  I had a great experience with him and his staff.  They were all very informative and helped me understand step by step what needed to be done to maintain a healthy mouth! 🙂

They also offer Zoom whitening here, which I love to get done occasionally to give me that extra sparkle in my smile 🙂

I highly recommend his practice if you are serious about your oral health.

Jamie P.

Dr. Jaskiel is great. I have see him since 2009 and received nothing but the best care.  His staff is also amazing.  Importantly, and unlike other dentists, he is flexible about appointments and can often see you at night after work.  I high recommend him.


Dan K.