Sedation dentistry in Miami

Are you so afraid of going to the dentist that you have put off even getting a cleaning for years? Perhaps you are willing to suffer through the pain of a toothache rather than have a dentist handle it. Actually, many people experience this level of fear and anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist, so don’t feel alone if this is you. The good news is, with today’s technology and the skills of Dr. Jaskiel, you can experience relaxed, pain-free dental care that will leave you with a healthy mouth and radiant smile.

Whether your level of fear is anxiety or complete terror, realize that Dr. Jaskiel is very experienced in helping patients with any level of dread. Once you see how easy it is to go through a dental procedure in a relaxed state of mind, you will gladly visit Brickell Avenue Dentistry to get and keep excellent oral health for a lifetime.


Sedation dentistry, a specialty of Dr. Jaskiel, is the administering of medications or nitrous oxide to help a person relax and feel no pain during a dental procedure. You can be awake and relaxed, or you can sleep through a procedure, waking up when it’s over. It is safe and can be used on almost any patient.


Dr. Jaskiel provides oral sedation to his patients who need it or request it. Using either medication in the form of a pill, or nitrous oxide delivered as a gas through a facemask, he can provide the level of relaxation that is best for you.

  • Minimal Sedation—In this state, the patient is awake but calm and relaxed.
  • Moderate Sedation—The patient is conscious, but the level of sedation may cause him or her to slur their words and have little or no memory of the procedure.


Dr. Jaskiel will prescribe the best type of sedation for you based on your needs and physical tolerance.


This consists of nitrous oxide. Many people refer to it as laughing gas. A mask is placed over your nose and mouth, and Dr. Jaskiel regulates the amount of gas you receive. This is considered minimal sedation and wears off quickly. It is also generally safe for children as well. With this type of sedation, you will most likely be able to drive yourself home.


Given in pill form, this type of sedation is given about one hour prior to the procedure. You may feel drowsy, but will usually be awake. This type can be minimal or moderate sedation depending on the amount of the dose. Some patients even fall asleep with oral sedation, but they can be easily awakened. You should not drive with this type of sedation.


As part of Dr. Jaskiel’s expertise with sedation dentistry, he will consult with you prior to your procedure. His discussion will include going over your medical history to determine that any sedation administered will be safe. His thorough research includes knowing what medications you may be currently taking. Rest assured sedation dentistry is safe, especially when performed by someone trained as highly as Dr. Jaskiel. SCHEDULE TODAY



Don’t put off your dental care due to fear or other reasons. At Brickell Avenue Dentistry, Dr. Jaskiel and his professional team will take great care to make it a very comfortable experience. For the best sedation dentistry Miami has to offer, Dr. Abraham Jaskiel is the clear choice.