Changing Your Life with Great Dentistry in Miami

Case #1 Chris D. Miami, FL

We recently had a story where a patient has been coming to us for several years. He had crooked and dark stained teeth and always wanted to do something about it. After several years of procrastinating and pushing it off he fell down and broke his front teeth. He was very nervous and scared that he would lose some teeth. Dr Jaskiel of Brickell Avenue Dentistry in Miami reassured him and explained all the options. Needless to say after Minimal Dentistry 2 veneers and 2 Crowns he was ecstatic with his New smile. He told Dr Jaskiel that he tried to look back at all his pictures over many years and could not find one picture of him smiling! Dr Jaskiel sat with him teaching him how to smile for the first time. His wife came for an appointment to the office and said:

“Thank you for giving my husband a smile, he doesn’t stop talking about it and can’t stop smiling.”

This is why we love dentistry!

Great Dentist and staff!!! I have been going to Jaskiel for over 4 years now, and I did not come to his office with a very good dental record. I had to have a lot of work done, and we discussed each step so I was very understanding of all my options. All the work done turned out great. I was finally feeling good about my teeth and overall dental health, when I tripped and fell face first cracking my four front teeth on the top of my mouth. I really wasn’t sure what would be salvageable. After the first visit, I was able to go back to work without being embarrassed, and when all the work was complete, it was better than before the accident. Just a great overall dentist, not a better one in Miami.

Case #2 Alex G. Miami,FL

A patient didn’t like his smile and felt very self-conscious every time he opened his mouth. He didn’t know what to do and was told by several Dentists that he would need regular braces for a least 2 years. After diagnosing him and treating him we were able to do Invisalign and straighten his teeth in less than a year. He was very grateful and felt great not needing metal hard to clean braces for over two years.

Alex G. 2016
“I’ve never been really happy with my crooked teeth but in the past I’ve always been told that a correction might take years. Hence I procrastinated since I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time and effort In a correction.
Last year however, I was recommended to Dr. Jaskiel by my coworkers (scientist and physician at UM (University Of Miami Medical)).
During some regular treatment, he highly suggested to start an Invisalign treatment and estimated we would need roughly a year. (20 aligners with 2.5 weeks each).
52 weeks later it came out exactly as he proposed. I have to say, I’m thrilled with the results as well as how easy the whole process was. He performed every necessary intervention himself. I love my new smile!”

Case #3 Irene D. Key Biscayne, FL

A Patient who lives in Key Biscayne front was told by dentists that several of her teeth need to be extracted. I evaluated her teeth and did not extract a single tooth. I stabilized the teeth by bridging them and 10 years later her teeth are in great shape. She is so grateful every time we see her that she didn’t have to lose any teeth.


I went to 3 different dentists whom all told me that they cant fix my problem with my 2 front teeth. They ALL said I was going to loose my teeth and they can’t save it. Then I found Dr. Jaskiel and he gave me back my beautiful smile. I am happy and relieved that Dr. Jaskiel was able to save my teeth and no one else could. Ten years later and its still going strong! thank you Dr. Jaskiel!

Case #4 Mary G. West Palm Beach, FL

Patient came from a referral from another Dentist whom had just retired, she was 83 years old but still very active. She had several broken front teeth. We placed only 4 crowns which made her look 20 years younger. She end up getting a boyfriend which took her traveling around the world. She traveled from West Palm Beach to come see us after she moved! She said

 Thank you so much. I owe it all to you for giving me this great smile and making me look and feel younger.